Plug-in charging is far from simple; it is cumbersome, brings potential health, safety and reliability issues, especially at street level, while public charging equipment is open to damage from the environment, vandalism, and is visually unappealing. WI ENERGY believes that wireless charging, which is simple and convenient, will eventually become the preferred charging method for all EVs.

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simplicity and minimum driver intervention are key features that win out time-and-time again, and we believe when these features are coupled with high power transfer efficiency, wireless charging is a winning combination.our lives are becoming increasingly less about wires and cables and more about wireless:from mobile phones,to the wireless Internet and recently low power wireless charging for mobile phones.


While WI ENERGY Wireless Charging technology is ideally suited to stationary wireless charging, it also opens up the possibility of dynamic wireless charging-charging the electric vehicle Battery while the vehicle is being driven.

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the adoption of WI ENERGY Wireless Charging technology will lead to a shift in charging behavior.Drivers will charger their electric vehicle little and often and potentially use dynamic charging to complement local stationary charging, removing range anxiety.this means that batteries could be smaller with the resulting reduction in electric vehicle cost and vehicle weight.

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